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Established in 2015

-   ABOUT US  -

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Local & Family Owned


Kenny Bob Foods (KBF) is a family-owned business located in the heart of Cheatham County, Tennessee. It was founded by Ken and Brenda Allen in 2015 on their adventure of owning Kenny Bob’s BBQ Restaurant. Ken thrives on camaraderie of family and friends gathered around a good meal, smiling and laughing in conversation. Regardless of what he cooks, the look on the people’s faces when they have the first taste of his homemade sauce is PRICELESS!

Taking Our Sauce To Market!

He began receiving numerous requests to purchase his sauce and thus began the planning of the beginning stages of bottling his own sauce. Ken set up at the local farmers market to test the product and built a large local following that has turned into sales across the US.  His sauce recipes are created from scratch with the best spices, herbs and peppers. When he mixes those with a barrel aged Kentucky bourbon, you get the sippin', dippin' and flippin' flavors that just radiate through every tastebud.



Roseanne Johnson - Operations

Roseanne takes care of the day to day operation of Kenny Bob Foods, giving Ken the freedom to get his creative juices flowing to introduce new products! 


Ronnie Johnson - Pitmaster & Food Production

(yes, Roseanne's Husband).

Ronnie's job will be cooking and preparing mouthwatering smoked meats. Watch for our menu coming soon. Locally prepared and delivered direct to your home.

In 2021, Ken and Brenda added three amazing members to their team.


Jamie Milligan - Production

Jamie works her magic in the kitchen and is responsible for cooking and bottling sauces and seasonings. 

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